Version 0.4! The BIG ONE is out NOW!!!!

Hello Friendos! 

Welcome to a world with version 0.4 of Vagabond!

This is a big release. Why? Because it represents the minimal form of the full game that I have in mind for the long term. I'm very excited to share and work on this release, as no new features should be added. The plan is to ensure that we buckle down and focus on the gameplay to make sure it's fun, and to do that we need content.

So, expect new content in the coming months (and bug fixes, of course). 

Here's the stuff we captured with the 0.4 release! Take a look, test it out and make suggestions to gameplay and content over in the discussion thread or head over to the stream on Sunday or Tuesday nights on Mixer and Twitch.

Thanks for playing!


v0.4 Release Notes 

    Files 26 MB
    Version 0.4 Jul 01, 2019

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